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“HYGIMED's” objective is to develop, manufacture and market an efficient & sustainable chemically disinfecting shredder for on-site treatment of hazard or bio-medical waste (BMW).

Hygimed is especially tailored for hospitals, laboratories & healthcare facilities who deal with BMW, in developed and developing countries as well.

"HYGIMED’s” mission is to become the "game changer" of the on-site bio medical waste segment. The system was designed to be most efficient simple safe and very cost-effective in order to help Hospitals and medical centers to transform their hazardous waste to sanitary waste, thus reducing public health risk and negative effects to the environment while saving the user waste treatment expenses big time.

We in Maabarot believe that biomedical waste materials need to be disinfected appropriately and safely at the point of generation - at the hospital premises and not at remote sites. Doing this with Hygimed gives the customer many benefits including big savings.

Hygimed is an entrepreneurship of “Maabarot”.

Maabarot is a leading machinery solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in providing unique solutions for industry leaders

Maabarot is a well-recognized and very appreciated as a solution provider, thus many international manufacturrers and most Israeli market leaders work with us.

“Maabarot” was founded in 1981 and belongs to Kibbutz Maabarot Group, Located in Israel. (See: http://www.maabarot-m.co.il/en/ )

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