Function of the Machine

Hygimed was designed especially for hospitals and all kinds of medical institutions who need to manage hazardous biomedical waste.

Hygimed is a disinfecting shredder specially designed to manage pathogenic biological waste and to convert it into sanitary waste while simultaneously reducing the raw waste volume by up to 90%.

On completion of the process, the liquids are separated from the solid waste, the used formula is disposed into the drainage system or into an effluent tank for recycling and the solids are collected into a designated ordinary waste container for removal with the general waste.

The disinfection process is in compliance with the regulatory demands for biological (pathogenic) waste types B to C.

The Chemical Formula "BIOCETIC"

"Biocetic" is a disinfectant that is based on a synergistic effect in a per-oxy compound mixture (min of 7% peracetic acid content).

"Biocetic" was developed to be used for the treatment of pathogenic medical waste.

"Peracetic acid shows a very rapid biodegradation in sewage sludge with a DT50 of 3 minutes at 20°C. Therefore, peracetic acid does not fulfil the criteria for a persistent compound."

"Biocetic" has the following advantages:

_ Broad microbiological efficacy

_ Low application concentration

_ Efficient at low application temperatures

_ Easy to rinse

_ Ecologically friendly


Types of Waste

Allowable waste: HYGIMED treats all kinds of medical wastes including: Syringes, needles, plastic tubes of different diameters, polyethylene bags, paper and cardboard, latex gloves, rubber parts, bandages and cotton pads, non-woven cloth, thin metal parts (sharp objects), glass jars, suction canisters, test tubes and bottles, wooden spatulas, analysis sets, blood lines, blood filters  IV tubes, plastic bags, polyethylene containers including sharp object containers, blood and blood byproducts, tissues and unidentifiable small body tissue, and meat.

Non-allowable waste: Regular uninfected trash, any amount of radioactive waste, anatomically recognizable body parts, cytotoxic waste.


Utility Requirements:

  • Electricity: Three-phase connection, 380 volts, 3 x 16 amps
  • Water:  3/4" water line not less than 2 bars
  • Sewerage:  at least 4" at floor level and good quality
  • Lighting:  Normal intensity
  • Ventilation:  Natural


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