“Hygimed” is a disinfecting shredder.  It successfully destroys 100% treated volume of infectious waste and converts it into 10-20% unrecognizable and sanitary waste volume.

Treated waste is ready to be removed with the ordinary hospitals trash.


"Treating bio-waste with Hygimed is:

·         On-site – eliminates the need for special, expensive transportation

·         On the spot – immediate waste treatment, eliminates the need for special storage space and controls

·         Efficient – Hygimed meets the highest international standard requirements (Secure 6log bacteria disinfection level)

·         Compact space –possible due to the unique combination of shredding & disinfecting

·         Clean – cold chemical disinfectant avoids moisture build-up

·         Simple – no need for an operator with special skills

·         Green formula – based on a synergistic effect in a per-oxy compound

·         Environment friendly – requires only electricity, water supply, and drainage utilities

·         Quick pay-back – Hygimed saves bio-waste treatment expenses:

o   Relatively Low initial investment

o   Labor costs

o   Operational costs

o   Transportation costs

Hygimed offers hospitals the best fit,

highest savings and smallest footprint

way to treat their bio-waste.

Most on-site technologies are based on heat and pressure processes like autoclaves and microwaves.  One may find vendors that offer a combination of heat disinfection and shredding or grinding but this combination makes the machine expensive and technologically complicated.

These alternative on-site technologies have some basic disadvantages:

1.      A large space is needed for storage and transportation if they are not shredding the waste.

2.      A large, expensive machine is needed if a shredder is added to the cooker.

3.      Special infrastructure is needed to handle the moisture, steam vapor and odor.

4.      Specially skilled people are needed to handle steam systems.

5.      Initial investment and operational costs are relatively high compared to Hygimed.


On-site technologies comparison


Hygimed offers to hospital the best fit, low-cost and smallest footprint way to treat their bio-waste.

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